Rita Hodge & the rhFactor


My first career was in graphic design in NYC, but it was more by default than by choice.  When I discovered that the profession of landscape architecture could bring together my love of sculpture, design and gardening, I didn’t look back. 

In 2002, after twelve years in the profession and after gaining some remarkable experience working with some incredibly talented people, I founded my own firm, rHfactor. I absolutely love helping people bring their dream landscapes to life. 

After my experience with prima donna designers in NYC I vowed never to become one.  I enjoy collaborating with other creative professionals: architects, artists, interior designers, graphic designers and artists.  My practical nature keeps my budget estimates tight and accurate.  My interest in science keeps me up to date on the latest in horticultural techniques and organic pest control methods.  My experience teaching the History of Landscape Architecture at Texas A&M gives me the ability to design in any style, from any era.   And hopefully, my deep love of what I am doing keeps the process fun for all involved.

My gardens are innovative.  They layer scent, sound, texture, color, form and movement.  Success is a happy client and a space that is used. 


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

left: black bamboo lines this entry courtyard. top right: spa with fountain and shadows. center: green & white tapestry. lower right: granite birdbath mirrors the form of an angel’s trumpet.